• What are Discounted Products?
    Sometimes, we may end up with extra product. Whether it was made for a display at a trade show, or a customer cancelled their order, or we just felt like having a few extra, we take those leftover items and list them here! This also includes any reconditioned masks.
  • How do I buy one?
    For items listed here, call or email our sales team, indicating that you'd like to purchase one of the Specials items listed on this page. It's as simple as that! For items on our eBay Store, click the item and follow the steps for bidding on items in eBay.
  • I don't see what I'm looking for here. Are there any more items you have for immediate sale?
    Any items we have available for immediate shipment will be displayed here on this page. Occasionally, particularly rare or high-value items (such as discontinued masks) will instead be found on our eBay Store, so you can check there as well.

  • What condition are these masks in?
    It varies from item to item. Most of these are "Like New", and are in pristine condition. Occasionally we will have reconditioned or used product here as well. Click on the product to get more information about where it came from and what condition it is in.
  • Do these items include headforms? What about Duraflex?
    In both cases, the default answer is "No". However, many items may include display heads or the new Duraflex technology. Check individual listings for details.
  • What is your return policy on these products?
    Discounted items are sold as-is, and we do not offer returns on these.