• What is the Artist Spotlight?
    Occasionally, our in-house team of painters, casters, and artists come up with an idea that they just really want to see made. And who are we to say no? So anytime an artist creates a new piece, using a collection of in-house customization techniques, we'll add it to this page. Each item is one-of-a-kind, and will include the signature of the artist who made it!
  • How do I buy one?
    We only make one of each, and it goes on sale immediately after we announce it. It's first come first served, so the first person to call us with payment will receive the mask!
  • The Spotlight mask has been sold, but I'd like to get one too! What are my options?
    Because we often use the same customization options that we make available to all of our customers for any of our products, an Artist Spotlight can often be recreated for a similar price as it was originally sold for. Call or email our sales team to get details, quotes, and availability of past Spotlights. Bear in mind, however, that recreations will not include the artist's signatures!