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Dweller Silicone Mask

Available Options

* Style:

Please use the field below to enter any specifications, such as eye or hair color, as well as additional customizations. Customized masks will need to be made-to-order. Customizations may alter price and ship time. A customer service representative will contact you within 2 business days to complete your order.

Climbing from the darkest, filthiest depths, Dweller emerges baring a mangled row of sharp teeth. This creature has developed a unique method of seeing in the dark: light up eyes! Each one comes standard with included LED lights with easily replaceable CR1616 3-volt batteries. The LEDs fit snugly into the eyes from the back, lighting them up from the inside for a truly unique effect! Sure to be terrifying in any dark and claustrophobic setting!

LED available in Red, Blue, Yellow or Green (note that colors may look different depending on eye pigment).

Please note that certain restrictions on shipping lithium ion batteries internationally may apply. Please contact us first with any questions.

Male Fit Mask (will accommodate anyone whose head is between 21.25 – 23.5 inches in circumference).

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