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Why Choose CFX?

World Leaders in Innovation, Quality, and Customer Service
Over the years CFX has grown to be the most recognizable name in silicone masks, and has built an impressive résumé including work on such movies as 2 Guns (Universal Pictures) and licensing deals with Game of Thrones, Marvel, and Troma. What was once a two-man operation now employs over 30 skilled workers in a multi-suite studio, and continues to grow. CFX also recognizes the importance of art in the community, and has worked with such local organizations as the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and the Louisiana International Film Festival to organize events supporting and promoting the arts.

CFX continues to look to the future, discovering new ways to innovate the industry of silicone production and prop manufacturing. With our patent pending Duraflex technology, we've added durability to our silicone products without sacrificing flexibility or realism. We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, finding new ways to transform you into the creature you've always wanted to be. CFX can handle anything from the smallest, most detailed prop, to a huge fabrication job, and we have a skilled and helpful customer service team that works directly with the production staff to make your imagination a physical reality.
Engineered for Comfort and Durability
Material thickness is carefully measured and kept consistent to make a lightweight mask with maximum strength, enhanced flexibility, and prevents excess heat build-up. Sculptures are engineered for scale and optimized anatomical placement, and all our masks are strategically reinforced in stress areas to reduce the risk of tearing, while still allowing for the most realistic facial movement and comfortable wear.

Our specialized production techniques allow us to make a mask with fully encapsulated mesh, suspended and carefully contoured to the shapes of the mask, to allow for superior performance and longevity.
Running your production involves enough worries.
The durability of your Pro Silicone Masks and Gloves won't be one of them.

Here’s what you get with a CFX Pro SiliconeTM Mask:

Experience: We employ a team of highly trained and specialized FX artists and technicians to measure every detail of the masks we produce to perform in any environment: Film, Haunted Attraction, Stage Show, Theme Park, Conventions, or just good old-fashioned Halloween.

In-house Development: All of our design and product development is done under one roof to keep quality control at its highest and your prices at their lowest.

Creativity & Craftsmanship: Your mask is the result of years of technical research resulting in carefully selected materials for performance and aesthetic qualities.

Unbeatable Customer Service: Selling the best masks isn’t enough. We supply the confidence and personalized service to help knowledgeably choose the right product for you, or design something specifically for your needs.
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