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Production Services

Production Services

At Composite Effects, we offer more than just our standard masks and products. Our true passion lies in creating unique and affordable props, makeup, and special effects for a wide variety of productions including film, television, haunted attractions, and just about anything else you could want. Our team of artists and technicians have years of experience and a passion for creating truly original effects. We want to make sure your vision can become a reality through our flexible and proven techniques and designs. Come see what we can do for you and your project!

Presented here are just a few examples of the types of projects we can do for you. Keep in mind that we are flexible, and can perhaps help your film or production in other ways, as well! Contact our sales team for more information!

Theatrical Props and Costuming  
A fully equipped and full service prop shop, we can produce almost any type of theatrical prop you could need for any type of production. We have a full staff of sculptors, mold makers, painters, costumers and hair artists as well as all the necessary equipment for fiberglass, vacuum forming and rotational casting. To name only a few, our prop making capabilities include:
  • Silicone props (body parts, dummies, creature skins)
  • Foam latex props
  • Fiberglass and resin castings
  • Custom Breakaway items (glass, foam, fabricated props)
  • Actor-safe hazard illusions (foam weapons, rubber glass)
  • Soft & Rigid foam parts
  • Cold-cast metals
  • Costumes elements (masks, gloves, wardrobe accessories, foam creature suits)
Medical Devices and Simulation  
As a multifaceted company, we service a variety of markets within the medical field. Our existing manufacturing processes lend themselves to multiple applications in clinical devices, medical and field training simulators, prosthetic devices, and anatomical models. Almost every product is different and we partner with development companies in the field to create new innovations for traditional simulators and cutting-edge new products never before available to medical professionals.

We’re always excited to bring new innovations in materials and design to the medical field such as hyper-realistic silicones, lightweight foams, and high-quality artistic finishes on just about any type of medium.
Custom Silicone Masks  
Need a completely new, custom sculpted silicone mask for your haunt, attraction or production?

We at Composite Effects specialize in custom projects. Whether you need a custom creature of your own design, a classic character for a haunt show or event, a movie character you want to see in silicone, or just have an idea you want to see brought to life, we can take your project from the drawing board to reality based on your specifications.

We have produced custom silicone masks for haunt owners and individual consumers alike. We also offer custom latex masks, foam latex prosthetics, and just about any other high quality effect to complete your show or costume. Visit our PROJECT GALLERY for more custom made masks and props, then contact us for more information on how CFX can bring your ideas to life.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Custom masks you see on this page or our gallery are typically NOT FOR SALE to the general public due to copyright/trademark regulations or reproduction rights ownership. We seldom retain the molds or reproduction rights of custom commissions from our customers.

Fully custom orders are taken on a case by case basis.
Design and Consultation  
With years of experience behind our dedicated team of artists, sculptors, and engineers, we can help you bring your vision to life. We can take your idea, create a variety of sketches, 3d models, prototypes, and samples, all at an affordable rate. Let us take your concept and make it reality. Here are just a few of the related services we offer:
  • Initial Design and Details
  • Sketches/Drawings
  • 3D Modeling and CAD Development
  • Prototyping
  • Material Samples

These images each show an idea taken from it's initial concept or 3D design, and brought to life by our team of artists. Click the thumbnails to see the progression!
Model Sculpting  
Years of sculpting experience makes the artists of CFX your best choice for custom sculpted models, props, masks, makeup effects or just about any other fantastic idea that you need to be brought to life. Common sculpting projects we do include:
  • Masks and Costumes
  • Custom Appliances
  • Art & reproduction pieces
  • Lifecast alterations & resculpting
Mold Making  
CFX has professional production mold makers on staff experienced in a wide variety of molding techniques for everything from custom prop casting to architectural reproduction. Just a few of the molds we can produce include:
  • Silicone matrix molds for resin & fiberglass systems
  • Polyurethane molds for gypsum & concrete
  • Alginate & Silicone lifecasting for custom appliances & prosthetics
  • Ultracal / stone molds for latex casting
  • Fiberglass & composite molds
Special Makeup Effects  
We offer extensive Special Makeup Effects services to film, television and commercial productions as well as special events and professional haunted attractions. From lifecasting to final makeup application on-set, we can produce and apply almost any effect you need, such as:
  • Custom Foam Latex Appliances
  • Silicone Appliances and Prosthetics
  • Gelatin Appliances
  • Custom Formulated Bloods, Slimes and Gore Effects
  • Custom Fit Theatrical Dentures
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