Composite Effects Mask Lab ™
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Our Mask Lab is a fun tool for helping you design your dream mask! Test your ideas, get a general price estimate, and create unique looks!

Can't create the look you want? Don't worry! Our friendly sales staff is available to discuss custom options. And be sure to check out our Alterations Page to see examples of completed masks.

Notice: Estimates are not final or binding. Pricing is subject to change. Since all of our masks are hand crafted, variations in color, style and layout are to be expected.

Notice: The Mask Lab is currently just a design tool to help you get an idea for your concept and pricing. Contact our Sales team to place your order once you've finalized your design.

Base Options

Base Mask:
Skin Color:
Note: When selecting a skin tone, be aware that extremely pale- or translucent-colored tones (especially the Vampire skin tone) will react improperly under black-light conditions, potentially showing the reinforcement mesh.

Horns and Head Decoration

Head Decoration:
NOTE: When selecting "Match Skintone" for Antenna, the image will appear grey. This is a limitation in the software. The actual product will be cast to match the skintone exactly.

Hair and Hair Colors

Hair (Head):
Hair Color:
Hair (Eyebrows):
Hair Color:
Hair (Chin):
Hair Color:
Hair (Mouth):
Hair Color:
Hair (Cheeks):
Hair Color:
Note: For specific styles, haircuts, or custom hair, please call or email our office for details.

Scars and Burn Options

Upper Right:
Upper Left:
Lower Right:
Lower Left:

Paint Options

Face Paint:
Face Paint Color:
Right Eye Paint:
Right Eye Paint Color:
Left Eye Paint:
Left Eye Paint Color:
Mouth Paint:
Mouth Paint Color:
Nose Paint:
Nose Paint Color:
Chest Paint:
Chest Paint Color:
Note: Complex or high detail paint patterns (such as clown paint, tattoos, or fine details) may add up to a $30 charge to the mask price, at the discretion of our artists.
Note: "UV" Paint options are blacklight responsive. The addition of any UV or Metallic paint adds a one-time $25.00 charge per UV color.